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Happy New Year – Millitzer Capital

July 16, 2017 4:12 pm

Happy New Year.

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The WHIR Headlines Millitzer Capital New Name

September 5, 2014 11:26 am

44_WHIR_Article_Millitzer_CapitalPort Charlotte, FL – The Web Host Industry Review, the international web-hosting industry journal published and article regarding the name change of Millitzer Capital from NCC International.

Millitzer Capital is the only sector company that has focused exclusively on Telecom representing Internet Company since 1997.The firm provides business brokerage, valuation strategic planning and financial service and has completed over 400 assignments.

The company changed its name after polling a select group of Internet executives. It became apparent that the identity was with the founder, Tom Millitzer.

Tom said, “We are looking forward to the next twenty-years.”



OFFICIAL — NCC International Now Millitzer Capital

September 3, 2014 5:30 pm

September 4, 2014 Port Charlotte FL : New Commerce Communications, Inc. / NCC International today announced that the company has changed its name to Millitzer Capital. The company is under the same ownership and management.

15 _Merger_hosting_logoAccording to the firm the identity change started in May when a group of Internet industry executives were polled. Almost unilaterally the response was the firm should incorporate the word Millitzer in its name.

Tom Millitzer founded the company in 1994 and brokered cable television systems. In 1997 it entered the Internet sector and sold its first hosting company in 1998. Millitzer Capital provides business brokerage services, valuation services and professional valuation services to the Internet sector. The firm has completed 400 assignments.

The firm has also completely launched a new web presence with the release of it’s new website

Millitzer noted, “I have been selling my company and myself under the moniker New Commerce Communications/NCC International for almost 20 years…… Let’s try Millitzer Capital for the next 20.”

Tom Millitzer is a contributor to the WHIR where he writes an M&A blog

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