Emergency Services

30_Emergency_Merger_servicesDefinition: Emergency Services require immediate attention. Something unexpected has occurred. Generally a decision needs to be made within a specified time period.

Example: An unsolicited offer has been made to purchase your company. It has taken you by surprise. It is tempting, you may like the people, they may even have a close business relationship.  They are looking out for their best interests, never yours.

Example: You are trying to sell your business yourself, or put company on a “list” without any representation. As above you have an offer. It is tempting. But is the right deal?

Example: If you are reading this at 2 AM see below↓

Solution: Bring in Millitzer Capital. You need a third party to protect your interests. You are all alone. You need a business broker with industry experience on your side and to guide you.

We have seen a lot of money and heartache left on the table by individuals that did not seek professional assistance.

Millitzer Capital can:

  • Evaluate the offer to see if it is reasonable.
  • Negotiate the price on your behalf, you have worked too long and deserve the full market price.
  • Review terms.
  • Does something smells or is out-of-whack?
  • Assist you in the decision-making process.
  • Provide due-diligence assistance or review.
  • Confirm the ability of the proposed buyer’s ability to close.

Most people that sell their business are ‘first-timers’. In an emergency situation, you need Tom Millitzer by your side. He has been through this process hundreds of time. Almost none of these emergency situations are great deals, most are not, and virtually  all can be improved.

You are reading sometime in the middle of the night, say 2 AM.

If you vaguely fall into our examples, you are worried, it’s keeping you up.

Yes it could be 2 AM. Give Tom Millitzer a call right now. His cell phone is 239-938-6566

We are absolutely serious about this. Getting the ball rolling in the middle of the night can be invaluable. Call now.

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