Strategic Planning

16_web_hosting_strategic_planningSometimes the answer really is

‘if its not broken don’t fix it”.

Some times it needs a second set of eyes.

Your asking how can how can strategic planning really improve my company. Recently Millitzer Capital was working with a small private company. The owner was taking $225,000 in salary, dividends, and owner benefit.

That number is now over $400,000, and the company has funds for additional capital projects that will again create greater value.

Our firm has worked with and hundreds of firms in your line of business.

Informal Strategic Planning: For most groups this is on an informal non-fee basis. Annually or quarterly telephone calls, Millitzer Capital taking a brief overview of your financials having general discussions, commenting and giving advice. We want to build a relationship. Of course we want your business, most often that comes later in the sale of the firm.

Formal Strategic Planning: Millitzer Capital can meet with your management team. Review such items as financial statements, marketing, service offerings, operations, human resources and other areas of concern. Provide written recommendations, review these with staff and hammer out a battle plan. If desired we can provide follow-through reviews, negotiations and meetings.

When selling a company we conduct a due-diligence survey and produce a clear offering memorandum. One of our responsibilities is to build on the strengths of a company and medicate shortcomings. This positions the firm to obtain a full or greater that full market value. Planning in advance often provides greater current cash flow and a higher price in the future.

Strategic planning fees quoted after we understand and agree upon the scope of the project. All assignments commence only after a clear agreement is in place.

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