Tom Millitzer – Bio

Tom Milllitzer founded Millitzer Capital in 1994.

Millitzer conducted graduate studies at the University of Iowa School of Journalism and graduated from at Parsons College.

He started his career in the cable television industry. In eight years, he moved from selling cable television services door-to-door, to managing one of the nation’s largest cable systems. He acquired the first new franchises for the nation’s largest cable company, sparking a new era in the firm’s history. His success was rewarded as he was promoted to Director of Rates and Franchises for GroupW Cable, one of the most senior positions at Americas’s #1 cable television company.

He had learned how to sell on the doorstep and in front of city councils.

After the sale of Group W, he accepted a position at Combined Cable Corporation he finally had a piece of the action. He was part of a team that moved the firm’s value from $27 million to $64 million in three years.

During the sale of Combined, he was the firm’s liaison to Daniels and Associates. Daniels was the leading communications broker and over the years completed over $100 billion in communication and cable television mergers and acquisitions. Over a four-month period, Tom worked with the firm’s top executives including Mr. Daniels. He took particular notice of many of the other transactions and negotiations going on. It was like going to M&A graduate school.

At 36, Tom founded Charter Cable Systems, Inc. This company was based in Cincinnati and should not be confused with the much larger Charter Cable. Millitzer had targeted a three-state area to acquire and merge the operations of small cable television systems. With his partners, two of whom currently own major league baseball teams, they raised $72 million for this new venture.

Tom sourced, negotiated and closed 42 acquisitions over a 24-month period. Daniels and Associates later brokered the sale of the company.

Tom formed what is now Millitzer Capital as a focused business brokerage firm servicing the telecommunications sectors. Representing sellers his firm’s goal is to maximize value for these clients.

Millitzer has completed hundreds of assignments. Mergers, acquisitions, strategic planning, and valuations. The last time we checked about 400.

Tom Millitzer is your business broker, advisor but most importantly your salesman looking after your best interests.

We are good and honest. But we don’t do lists.

21 _george_burnsNotes about Tom:

  • Took his own advice and moved to Florida
  • His most memorable dinner was with George Burns. Tom sat across from Mr. Burns for two hours at a table for six in a private dining room.
  • As a youth he ranked 3rd in Ohio is Freestyle swimming, 18 and under. And was on an age-group relay team that held a world record.
  • Plays a mean blues harmonica.
  • He is a man of Moeller.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS – Over the years Tom found that groups kept on calling him back to speak at conventions. He now breaks away for groups that piques his interest.


Tom Is writing a novel featuring Abe Grimes, working title Fallen Rainbow Rising Sun – In last draft.

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Tom has written almost 200 articles and blogs covering the telecom and Internet sector including acquisition analysis, valuations, selling an Internet company and general industry insight.


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