Millitzer Capital – Let Us Sell Your Company

The majority of business owners sell a company once in a lifetime. For over twenty years Millitzer Capital has been walking them through this often one-time event. If you are spinning off a subsidiary, a serial entrepreneur, or retiring we are on your side.

Recently the largest IT company in the world selected Millitzer Capital to spin off a subsidiary, that says it all. 

Millitzer Capital wants you to select us to represent your company for sale. In the markets, we serve we think we are the best.

Some general reasons:

  • 20 Years – Millitzer Capital longer than any firm in the size and markets we serve.
  • In our markets, Millitzer Capital is the only company that specializes in representing sellers.
  • Our goal is to maximize your value.
  • We know the buyers and attract new prospects with every assignment.
  • Your interests are put first, not the buyers.

If you are considering selling your company tomorrow or five years from now get to know us today.

Now, read our Sell Side Engagement services.

PS – If you are considering putting your company on a “List” for sale, we don’t do lists but will tell you about them.


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